Wallace Roberto, Broker

It’s a fragile case of what do I do, when I do, if I do. Wait a second, aren’t those prevailing thoughts thru out the course of a day. You need to pay attention to how your emotions react to such crisis. A persnickety to detail if you may. What comes out of it can either shape your day or shake you out of the week.

Being consistent is being regimental in standards. You’re on a pathway to adding dimensions where distortions are rapid. Can’t seem to cleave old habits without putting up some resistance. What are you going to do? Just as easily as it was to add the tissue you can’t expect a reduction over a new plate setting. If you want to make that transition, you need a well thought out plan not some adumbrated outline you drew on a napkin. Change is never easy. Yes you can work the penumbra but to make internal adjustments takes a massive amount of energy.

Most of us are not willing to exert that much effort. We all want the microwave solution. Scratch is out, instant is domain. For as long as the majority fit the description the opportunist will catapult on that phenomenon. Help is there, but it will cost you.